Rachel Davis Fine Arts accepts consignments from single items to entire collections and/or estates. These works may be presented at auction, sale through our gallery or a private sale.

If interested in selling, by email or regular mail, please provide as much information as possible, including but not limited to following information: Image(s)- we would like to see front and back, and close up of signature and/or marking. Physical information- such as dimensions, medium, etc. Any appropriate information you may have on your work(s)- including when, where and how you acquired the item, copies of appraisals or any literature and/or documents pertaining to the item.

If this is not possible or you have a large quantity we can arrange to have an appointment at the gallery or an on site walk-through.

We will provide you with a pre-sale estimate of what we feel your item (s) will realize in the current markets, as well as a time frame we feel is most appropriate and which method will maximize your return. We will also present to you our commission structures and any other fees that will be your responsibility. We will also discuss what marketing and promotion we will provide for your consignment. There will be no obligation to sell through us. Call us or email us to request a free Auction Evaluation.

Consignment deadlines for upcoming sales are generally two to three months prior to the auction. Depending on the physical nature and location of the items, consignments can be delivered personally or packed and shipped to our gallery. If necessary, we may assist you to arrange transportation of your consignments. As the consignor, you are responsible for packing, shipping / transporting and insurance costs.

Insurance Rates and Fees

Rachel Davis Fine Arts maintains insurance on all property in its possession. Insurance is charged at a rate of 1% of the final bid once each lot is sold. Additional costs may include storage and transportation. Items will be insured at the medium of the estimate.

After the auction, prices realized may be found at our website or you may contact us directly. Unofficial results may be available on 3rd party online platforms that we post our auction catalogs. Within 30 business days from date of sale, proceeds checks with statements detailing full accounting will be mailed.

Contact Us

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